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SEM Records

Welcome to SEM Records, where passion meets precision in the world of independent music. As a dedicated record label, we offer a spectrum of services tailored for indie artists: from top-notch recording, meticulous mixing, and masterful mastering to captivating music videos. Elevate your sound with our digital distribution platform, reaching audiences far and wide. Immerse your fans in a unique experience with our limited edition vinyl releases. At SEM Records, we don’t just love music; we live it, ensuring every artist’s distinctive voice resonates with the world. Join us on a journey where creativity knows no bounds.

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Track Listing

1. Nunc Coepi (00:53)

2. Happy Xmas (War is Over) (03:43)

3. The Coldest Solstice (12:21)

The Colours of Mind

"The Coldest Solstice"

Digital Release 12/29/2023

“The Coldest Solstice” unfolds as a musical tapestry from the mind of musician & composer Jay Wasley, weaving the haunting whispers of winter’s solitude into an ethereal symphony. In this experimental ambient odyssey, each note is  settling in the vast expanse of a dark and lonely winter night.  Let the soundscapes of this album be your guide through the enigmatic beauty of the coldest solstice, where the chill in the air harmonizes with the warmth within your soul. Embark on a journey into the heart of winter’s embrace, where the music becomes an ethereal companion to the solitude of the season.



Digital Release 01/05/2024

Initially formed as a creative, multimedia storytelling outlet for Musician and Composer Mike Rupe, Foulkelore eventually found itself as a first and foremost musical project. Stylistically open and ever evolving, Foulkelore’s intent is always to blur the lines of genre and create an expression boundless in nature, and free of form by choice. 


Foulkelore’s debut album entitled “Egregore” blends hip hop with experimental sounds, multi-cultural music and cinematic elements to create a style unique to itself. The primary focus of Foulkelore has and always be experimentation and innovation, leaving future releases free to explore any and all palettes of sound. 


Track Listing

1. Faded Memories (4:55)

2. Interlude 1 (The Space Between) (2:18)

3. Dream State (5:44)

4. Interlude 2 (By the Water) (2:00)

5. Sunday (3:26)

6. Interlude 3 (Desert Winds) (2:40)

7. Egregore Five (7:05)

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