Music Videos

Here are a few projects we have worked on and supplied production support  to.

Charlie Hager- "American Saga"

Palm Ghosts- "Insomnia"

Ben de la Cour- "Tupelo"

Lisa Loeb- "Wiggle"

Lisa Loeb- "Let's Keep the Band together"

Lisa Loeb- "It's alright to cry"

Lisa Loeb- "Say Hello"

Ryan Dishen- "The Shins Mildenhall Cover"

Charlie Hager- "These Days"

Ben de la Cour- "Dixie Crystals"

Lisa Loeb- "Feel What You Feel"

Margot Price- "Weakness"

Lisa Loeb- "Moon Star Pie"

Lisa Loeb- "The Sky is always Blue"

Dan Auerbach- "Waiting on a Song"

Ben de la Cour- "(Ain't Going) Down that Road"

Ben de la Cour- "Down to the Water's Edge"

Charlie Hager- "Stole My Heart"

Jazz Lazr- "Lost It"