Grip & Electric

3 Ton Grip & Electric Package

-GMC 14' Box Truck with Power Lift Gate


12”x18” Solid
12”x18” Silk
2x 12”x18” Single

12”x18” Double
18”x24” Wooden “Cookie”

18”x24” Cello “Cookie”

4x 18”x24” Solid
3x 18”x24” Silk
2x 18”x24” Single

2x 18”x24” Double

24”x30” Solid

24”x30” Silk
2x 24”x30” Single

24”x30” Double
3x 24”x36” Solid

2x 24”x36” Silk

24”x36” Single

24”x36” Double

30”x36” Solid

2x 30”x36” Single

30”x36” Double

2x 18”x48” Cutter

48”x48” Solid

4x 48”x48” Floppy

2x 48”x48” Silk
2x 48”x48” Single

48”x48” Double

2x 48”x48” Frames

2x 42"x42" Silver Reflectors

42"x42" Gold Reflector

4x4 Cart


14x 40” C-Stands w/ Arms and Heads

2x 20” C-Stands w/Arms and Heads

2x Combo Grip Heads
2x Rolling Light Stands

8x Light Stands
2x Mombo Combo Stands

3x Combo Stands

2x Rolling Combo Stands


2x 6’x6’ Butterfly Kit (2 Frames and 1 of each Rag)

-6’x6’ Solid

-6’x6’ B&W Griff

-6’x6’ Silk
-6’x6’ Single

-6’x6’ Double

8’x8’ Butterfly Kit

-8’x8’ Solid

-8'x8' Ultrabounce

-8’x8’ Silk

12’x12’ Silk

2x 12'x12' Solid

12'x12' B&W Griff


4x Apple Box Families

34x Wedges
36x Blocks


8x Sound Blankets
2x Ladders
5x Umbrellas
2x 10’x10’ Pop up Tents Tarp

2x Folding Table
2x Tall Director’s Chairs

2x Camping Chairs
2x Fans
Ice Chest
Bull Horn
4x Traffic Cones


6x Cardellini
7x Maffer
4x Large Spring Clamps
17x Medium Spring Clamps
6x Small Spring Clamps

3x 6" C-Clamps
6x Female Pigeon Plates
3x Male Pigeon Plates
2x 1.25” Pipe Connector
4x 1.25” Corner Pipe Connector

2x 1.25” Pipe Ears
8x 6’ Speed Rail
8x 10” Speed Rail
5x Drop Ceiling Hangers
2x Quaker Duck bill Clamp


Muscle Cart

1x 35lb

6x 30lb

10x 25lb

8x 20lb

2x 15lb


3x 100’ Stingers
12x 50’ Stingers
5x 25’ Stingers
3x 15’ Stingers
3 x Power Strips
5x 1K Dimmers
2x 600 watt dimmers

14 x Q-Taps

8 x Ground Cheaters
1 x Edison to Lightbulb adapter
2x Lightbulb Power socket
3 x Lightbulb socket dimmer
Electric Tester
Plug Tester
6,800 Watt Generator with 3x 25’ cables